Hi! I’m Lara, welcome to my little blog! I’m 24 years old and from South West London.

I have two chronic illnesses: M.E. (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) & POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia) which unfortunately means I am mostly housebound and  currently unable to work. I’m hoping this blog can be a positive, yet honest outlet for my creations and frustrations!

M.E. has previously been, and still can be, a very misunderstood illness. I often shied away from talking about ME, until I became more severely affected about 4 years ago, and so this blog is my ultimate “chronic coming out” I suppose! I hope to empower myself and anyone else to hopefully feel as though they can talk about whatever is challenging them, illness or otherwise.

The idea behind my blog name is quite simply: clouds = my illnesses and all the challenges they bring! Whilst the “cupcakes” are quite literally that – cupcakes and healthy plant-based treats (gluten- & dairy-free), because I love creating & sharing healthy recipes. The “cupcakes” may also represent general positive things, including all that having a chronic illness has taught me. Life is all about taking the good with the bad!

In my quest for better health I have also come to learn much more about just how much diet can impact not only on our own health, but on our planet’s health. Hopefully my blog can show that healthy and eco-friendly food can be absolutely delicious and easy!

Thanks for visiting!


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